Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins.
This 1954 Neumann U47 is the holy grail of microphones.   It's an honor to have her in my mic collection.  It's even more of an honor to help artists achieve their most amazing music recording experience using equipment like this.  Most artists never get the opportunity to have their music produced in a manner that sounds radio ready and captures the spirit of the composition.  To record using state of the art and vintage equipment is just too cost prohibitive for most people.  That's why I created my production company, to give the artist and songwriter a unique, professional recording experience of the highest standard that they could never get anywhere else.  

We also have an impressive clientele of hit songwriters and well known musicians.   No matter the level of success, everyone is treated with the same level of dedication and professionalism.  We are all artists helping artists achieve their very best performance and production.

2015 in High Gear!

2015 kicked off with alot of great projects already under our belt and more on the Spring schedule!

Almost every genre of music is rolling through and the creativity is thriving!  More fun vintage equipment and hi-fi recording gear recently added to pump even more sonic clarity and dimension into everything we're recording and mixing now.

This is a great year!  Hope to see you get your music projects underway!


The songs are flowing like the river...

Wow.  We thought February was a busy month.  March is loaded with really cool artists and songwriters stopping by Riverfront Recording to work their magic.  And the songs are flowing openly and creatively just like the river.  

I'm convinced that creating music along a river adds to the power of the song and the players.  The vibe is incredible.   We are artists.  We are musicians.  Making great music just because we can.  Exploring the heights and depths of our talents in an environment that is down home and bohemian.  

Yeah, we have a lot of laughs, too.  

Pat Lassiter Productions = the best boutique recording studio!

So many people now are talking about our production company.  All our marketing is word of mouth from the artists and songwriters that work with us.   Word on the street is that we are the best boutique recording studio around.  Wow.  Sasha, my wife, calls our creative world here, "a hidden jewel" among the big commercial gems.

So, right now we're creating our testimonial page so that you can read the word of mouth comments straight from the folks who work with us.  We're getting tons of referrals from our artists and songwriters and we're so grateful for your confidence in our ability and passion for creating amazing demos and master recordings.

We want you to feel like you're in a creative hug over here, safe to explore your full creative potential in an environment that is really fun, super affordable and that has the most awesome analog and digital resources to create masterpieces.

2014 has started out so incredible and we're not even a month into the year.    Good times and great music abound!

Note, we don't list our inventory in this online environment.  So just contact us.  We're happy to directly speak with you about our abilities and equipment.

Working with Iron Glide, a C.A.M.M.O. band

Check out

This is a great organization that helps our military service personnel and veterans through their awesome music therapy programs.

We are so thankful to Cathie Lechareas a founder of CAMMO for bringing us Iron Glide, a heavy rock band based here in Nashville.  Featuring Belmont students formally military servicemen, their music is not only heavy in nature, but heavy in lyrical content.  Real deep.  These musicians are extremely  dedicated to developing their music careers, having served the military for several years prior.

We are all having a blast recording the album here.  Can't wait for you to hear it.  We're still in the mixing phase and adding more production elements here and there.  Working with Frank Bacus, too, of CAMMO who serves as head producer on this project.

IRON GLIDE is super stoked in the studio!

Music is the Life!

Wow.  Been experiencing new gear lately and soon will let you know what other groovy things we've added to the studio.  Summer flew by.  On the road playing bass with Tracy Lawrence and producing and recording records for all kinds of great artists and songwriters.  What a life!  

Blues, Jazz, Pop, is alive with STYLES!

At the console in the main room.  The studio was on fire with guitarist Bo Garrett's blues project on this day last week.  This week, it's recording a pop jazz project and mixing a contemporary Christian project.  Oh, and performing for CMA Fest at LP Stadium with Tracy Lawrence.  See you there!


Hey check out the new Soundcloud link that we added to the website so that you can check out some some of the artists I had the privilege of bringing their songs to life for them:

Riverfront Recording Soundcloud

Livin' the dream producing and engineering and playing bass.

Build it, they will come...

Happy to say that I am experiencing FIRST HAND, the ol' saying:  Build it and they will come.

Build the dream.  Visualize it.  Make it Reality.

The studio is a hive of creative activity these days.  I have so many great clients to be thankful for.  It's an honor that they bring me their treasured projects and together we craft their musical dreams to life.


WELCOME...Hey thanks for stopping by Pat Lassiter Productions online. In addition to my excellent career as a professional bass player here in Nashville, I'm happy to be fully immersed in my recording production career, too. A life long dream come true.

My production and recording/mixing engineer world is on fire with the creativity of talented artists, songwriters and side musician projects. It's all about encouraging the musician's dream to come true.

Do you have a project in mind? Let me help you bring that music project to life.