Pat Lassiter Productions = the best boutique recording studio!

So many people now are talking about our production company.  All our marketing is word of mouth from the artists and songwriters that work with us.   Word on the street is that we are the best boutique recording studio around.  Wow.  Sasha, my wife, calls our creative world here, "a hidden jewel" among the big commercial gems.

So, right now we're creating our testimonial page so that you can read the word of mouth comments straight from the folks who work with us.  We're getting tons of referrals from our artists and songwriters and we're so grateful for your confidence in our ability and passion for creating amazing demos and master recordings.

We want you to feel like you're in a creative hug over here, safe to explore your full creative potential in an environment that is really fun, super affordable and that has the most awesome analog and digital resources to create masterpieces.

2014 has started out so incredible and we're not even a month into the year.    Good times and great music abound!

Note, we don't list our inventory in this online environment.  So just contact us.  We're happy to directly speak with you about our abilities and equipment.

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