Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins.
This 1955 Neumann U47 is the holy grail of microphones.   It's an honor to have her in my mic collection.  It's even more of an honor to help artists achieve their most amazing music recording experience using equipment like this.  Most artists never get the opportunity to have their music produced in a manner that sounds radio ready and captures the spirit of the composition.  To record using state of the art and vintage equipment is just too cost prohibitive for most people.  That's why I created my production company, to give the artist and songwriter a unique, professional recording experience of the highest standard that they could never get anywhere else.  

We also have an impressive clientele of hit songwriters and well known musicians.   No matter the level of success, everyone is treated with the same level of dedication and professionalism.  We are all artists helping artists achieve their very best performance and production.

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