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Pat Lassiter
Bass Player

Pat Lassiter is a veteran bass player who first picked up the instrument at age eleven.  A child prodigy, he grew up playing Motown to all styles of Rock, from Blue Grass to all styles of Country music, including acoustic bass.  He's made music his professional career ever since, becoming a bass teacher at 15 years old and then securing his first professional touring gig at 17 years old. In his early twenties, he founded Lassiter Music, an instrument and lesson shop in Savannah, Georgia, that immediately became a success. 
with the Rascal Flatts at Fiddle & Steel before the big time.
with Tracy Lawrence.
It was a few short years as proprietor of his music store when Nashville called, so he sold the shop and went on to become an accomplished bass player for several major country artists.  

Some of the other major artists that Pat has played bass for include Vern Gosdin “The Voice of Country Music,” Lorrie Morgan, Tracy Lawrence, Charlie Daniels, Deborah Allen, Jamie O’Neill, Michelle Wright, Steve Holy, Janie Fricke, Tammy Cochran, Turner Nichols Band, Keith Harling, and Rascal Flatts in the early years at the ol' Fiddle & Steel – just to name a few!  Pat has also played bass on many Nashville recording sessions over the years and still continues to do so.   He enjoys to play and study all genres of music.

Pat Lassiter’s passion for music includes arranging, composing and producing, too, which inspired him to create his own production company and studio.

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins.
He is constantly experimenting with sound crafting and enjoys composing music in all different genres. "All the different things I do in music and all the different ways that I love music contributes to my creativity overall and my playing being fresh and exciting. I consider myself a music junkie and I can't get enough of it. Good thing I hang out with people that feel the same way."

"I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to live my dream playing bass and recording great records as my career profession."

You can catch Pat play every 
Sarah Lawton
week for No Twang (Classic Rock) Tuesdays 6pm-10pm at Whiskey Bent on Broadway in Nashville with the Randy Nations Band, a local favorite for nearly eleven years strong.   Check out a sample of Randy Nations Band here.  

Pat also performs with rising Nashville artist Sarah Lawton.

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