Working with Iron Glide, a C.A.M.M.O. band

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This is a great organization that helps our military service personnel and veterans through their awesome music therapy programs.

We are so thankful to Cathie Lechareas a founder of CAMMO for bringing us Iron Glide, a heavy rock band based here in Nashville.  Featuring Belmont students formally military servicemen, their music is not only heavy in nature, but heavy in lyrical content.  Real deep.  These musicians are extremely  dedicated to developing their music careers, having served the military for several years prior.

We are all having a blast recording the album here.  Can't wait for you to hear it.  We're still in the mixing phase and adding more production elements here and there.  Working with Frank Bacus, too, of CAMMO who serves as head producer on this project.

IRON GLIDE is super stoked in the studio!

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