Living the Dream

The only way to keep on keepin on in this crazy music business is to keep on keepin on.  Never give up.  You just don't know what's around the corner.  Maybe you need to course correct if something isn't going your way.  Maybe you need to do an attitude check and make sure you're not taking your amazing passion for music and turning it into a sour grapes dish.   I know it's hard sometimes when the going gets tough.  I've been there slugging it out on Broadway in Nashville for years.  But those years I'd never change.  It takes fortitude and focus to keep your chin up and keep on perfecting your craft even if the money is scarce.

We are musicians.  We're lifers at the craft.  We can't imagine living life without music.  So, never give up.  Everyday do something to keep the dream alive.  As small as it may be.  Keep your attitude in a place of joy even if the gig doesn't pay much.  Just remember that being a musician takes skill and commitment.  And all the small steps we take in between lead us to the bigger vision.

Free your mind with a good piece of music or create an amazing composition.

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